Purpose And Mission

October 17, 2019 admin 0 Comments

The Anira Foundation was created to empower women, girls and vulnerable youth to prepare themselves to take advantage of the social and economic development opportunities which will make them better prepared to achieve their potential.. Our mission includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Skills based training to develop capabilities for recipients’ calling outside of academics.
  • Fostering the pursuit of non-traditional lucrative areas among Guyana’s youth and vulnerable groups.
  •  Promoting and nurturing a spirit of entrepreneurship among Guyana’s women and youth.
  • An adolescent development programme to bring about social change through a different, more productive approach to their development and preparedness for life.
  • Socialization of Young Males to provide much needed support and guidance for this gender group, helping them feel included and cared for, and fostering mindfulness, propriety, respect and pride.
  • Family enrichment programmes to build more mutually supportive and uplifted communities
  • Employing the use of cultural expression to bring about rootedness and enrich the effectiveness of the ventures, and heighten the awareness, experience and resonance for targets. Use peer educators to develop ideas; allowing children to be better communicators and creators.
  • Expanding STEM Training to equip young people for life and work in the twenty-first century.
  • Finding effective ways to address the scourge of incest, rape, trafficking of young children and child slavery.